Five Fun and Fantastic Things to do in Abu Dhabi

Desert Adventure
The desert adventure was one of the first excursions I did while in Abu Dhabi. The desert tour included dune bashing, visiting a camel farm, a quick five-minute ride on a camel, and sandboarding.

I decided to go during the morning time slot, which in hindsight, I should have signed up for the evening desert adventure. I also highly recommend that you go in the evening to see the amazing desert sunset. While it was a great experience, I would have loved to ride the camel longer. I also would have loved to have ridden quad bikes in the desert as I am a thrill seeker.

My recommendation is to book a desert tour where you can ride the camels through the desert for thirty minutes to an hour and go in the evening to see the sunset and enjoy some delicious BBQ and shisha. You should book the quad bike adventure on a separate afternoon. These activities can be pre-booked online, or you can use the assistance from someone at your hotel.

Rent a private yacht and turn up with friends

This was the highlight of my trip! I enjoyed cruising along the Persian Gulf, sipping champagne, and enjoying some delicious Jamaican cuisine. We spent close to six hours on the water. I was also mesmerized by the sunset. There are several companies you can rent from. One of which is called Exclusive Yachts.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

One of the most aesthetically beautiful buildings and architectures I have ever stepped foot in, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, will leave you breathless. Make sure that you get a ticket before arriving. I was able to get my ticket from the hotel. There is no cost to visit. I went during sunset so that I could capture the lighting in my photos but to beat the crowds you may want to consider going in the morning. They do have a strict dress code, and a women’s hair must be covered. Men also must adhere to their dress code. They will give you Shayla before entering the Mosque. If you are into photography, I would suggest buying your own as the Shayla’s that they give you are very plain and do not photograph well. I also recommend visiting their website before going.

Yas Marina Circuit

Although I’m not a racing fan. I enjoyed attending some of the Formula One events while I was in Abu Dhabi. All the activities are held on Yas Marina Circuit. But if you happen to go during any other time, Yas Marina Circuit is still a cool place to visit. You can tour the North Grandstand and see the entire circuit and Ferrari World. You can also drive a Supercar yourself on the track.

Abu Dhabi Night Life and Day Parties

The nightlife in Abu Dhabi is incredible, and if you want to get an early start, be sure to check out one of the day parties. My favorite day party was the Yas Beach Pool Party at Yas Beach.

The Yas Beach day party is on Friday’s and features a guest DJ. You can purchase a weekday pass or a weekend pass that includes a beach towel and lounge chair.

By night make your way to Annex Club at the Edition hotel. This was one of my favorite lounges/clubs because of the music and club décor. If you are looking for a large club atmosphere than club MAD is the hot spot that you want to go to. They regularly have live performances and is known as one of the best clubs in Abu Dhabi.


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