Patong, Phuket

Patong beach in Phuket was fun times. This is definitely a party town. There are so many bars and clubs located on the beach and on Bangla Road which is a popular street with tons of nightclubs, go go bars and restaurants. As you walk down the street the music is pumping and people having a good time. I myself I’m not a clubber or bar person but I did check out the night life while I was in Patong during the day and at night. One of the clubs that we ducked off in was called Seth Gueko located on Bangla Road, had a great vibe when it came to the other clubbers and the music. The bar played hip hop music which is hard to find because most clubs and bars play house/techno. The waitresses were not very nice and that made me want to leave. If you are looking for a large night club, look no further than club Illuzion. They regularly have celebrity guest DJ’s.

If you are looking for a day beach club to lounge out by the pool; you might want to check out Kuda Beach Club. I use the words might because it was very chill. I’m use to day parties being a little livelier but I think it’s worth checking out. If you get there and it’s not your scene, you can walk right onto the beach and lay out. The chairs on the beach are $3.00 USD and you can purchase drinks from the bar at Kuda and take them on the beach.

Patong was also the first time I got a fish pedicure and this was by far the cheapest pedicure I have ever had. You can read more about my fish pedicure experience under cocktail and experiences. 
The food in Patong can get expensive so be prepared to spend a little extra on dinner. If you crave and love sea food such as lobster and fish, the Banvaan Fresh Market is the place you should stop by to get some fresh seafood.
Make sure you stay close to the beach and Bangla Road as cabs can also get expensive and add up very quickly. We stayed at The Baycliff Patong and while it was a specious two bed room reasonably priced; it lacks amenities and the location was not convenient to the beach or main attractions.

While in Patong, Phuket you have to do an island tour excursion. While there we visited, James Bond Islands, Phi Phi Island and Khai Islands via speed boat. The company is called See Sea Blue. This included lunch and soft drinks on the boat. My overall favorite part of the excursion was getting out in the ocean and snorkeling. This will cost you around $125.00 USD. I personally was not a fan of the group tour as it was a lot of people on the boat and the islands were very crowded. I recommend renting your own boat and exploring not only the popular touristy islands such as James Bond Island and Phi Phi Island but also Bambo Island. Bambo island is a less tourist visit island and will make for great photos.

I was only in Patong for three days so I didn’t have a lot of time to do all the things on my list such as the tiger experience but I was able to ride an elephant at an elephant sanctuary which was pretty cool. You can read more about my elephant experience in Patong under cocktail and experiences.

So, get your sun block ready. Patong, Phuket is waiting for you.

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