Travel Essentials You Need For Ghana

Sunblock. Ghana is very close to the equator and temperatures can get uncomfortably hot for people who are not used to dry heat or humid hot weather. The best time to visit Ghana is during dry season which is October to April as during these months, temperatures remain high, and humidity and precipitation are generally at its lowest during these months. But whenever you decide to go it’s important to remember to bring sunblock as you can find yourself with some nasty sun burn.

Mosquito repellent. The mosquitos can be brutal in Ghana and I no first hand. Not only should you bring sun block, but you should also invest in a good insect repellent. While the Off brand is good, I personally prefer Coleman 100 Max 100% DEET Insect Repellent Pump for Ticks and Mosquitos. You can purchase it off Amazon. And while getting bit may not seem like a big deal it is essential that when you visit Ghana to take the proper precautions against mosquitoes to prevent serious diseases like malaria and yellow fever.

A handheld fan. With temperatures rising as high as 90 degrees topped with 90 percent plus humidity, you want to definitely have a handheld fan on hand to keep you cool during those tours and walks through markets.

Sunglasses. I was struck by the amount of dust that constantly flew in my eyes. And unfortunately, I left my hotel room a few times without my sunglasses. While it’s important to wear them to protect your eyes from the sun, Ghana also has a lot of unpaved roads, so dust was constantly blowing with the light winds or passing cars.

Mosquito net. While I stayed in a nice hotel. They still had a mosquito problem unfortunately, and I had to have the hotel come spray the room several times. I didn’t think to bring a mosquito net on my trip so each night I slept with the air on extremely high and the bed covers over my head to avoid bites.

Adapter. Ghana uses the three-pronged, UK style outlets, so make sure you bring an adapter.

Advil/aspirin and stomach reliever meds. These are important as it is very hard to find familiar brands in Ghana.

Good walking shoes. With the many unpaved dusty roads and amount of sightseeing you will be doing; it is essential that you bring a pair of good walking shoes to stay comfortable.

Lastly, a good attitude and open mind. Traveling is exciting and rewarding and each country has its own unique flair. One of the greatest lessons that I have had to learn not only when traveling but living abroad is everything will not be perfect, and you must except things that you have no control over. Ghana is a very hospitable place and the people that I met there were always willing to help. Take the time to speak, greet and engage with the locals.

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