November 30, 2021

Welcome to Cuba!

This was my second time visiting Cuba

This was my second time visiting Cuba. The first time I visited this mystical country was so fascinating to me, that I decided to go back a second time. While things have changed since both of my visits, both in Cuba and the rules and restrictions that must be followed due to Trumps tougher travel restrictions that were recently passed, you can still visit Cuba through what is called people to people category. I recommend researching to see what new laws and regulations have been passed before booking your trip.

Documents needed. You will need a visa to enter Cuba which you can obtain at the airport. Make sure you fill the visa out correctly without any scratch outs or write overs as Cuba will not accept the visa and you could potentially be charged hundreds of dollars at their airport once in Cuba. If you happen to make an error on the visa, the airline will make you repay for the visa which is $20 to $75 US dollars depending on the airline.

So, you have made it to Cuba! While Cuba is beautiful and rich with history, it has stayed stuck in the 1960’s. There are no US businesses there and certainly not very many ATM’s in Cuba and American dollars are still not excepted. ATM’s are scarce so I recommend exchanging your money at the airport for CUC’s which is the Cuban currency that Americans are allowed to use in Cuba. Make sure you ask for your money when exchanging currency in small bills if possible. Be aware that exchanging money at hotels can be expensive and many hotels will not allow you to exchange money unless you are a guest of the hotel. Another thing to consider is exchanging your US dollars to EURO before leaving for Cuba. I did not personally do this but I heard that it can save you some money.

Once stepping out of the airport you will have many cab drivers soliciting you for rides. Make sure you negotiate your taxi price before agreeing to the ride. A taxi ride from the airport shouldn’t cost more than $25.00 to $30.00 CUC’s. While Cuba is not expensive, cabs rides can add up quickly especially if you plan to visit other parts of Cuba, which I highly recommend. I befriended a local driver by the name of Julio, he spoke great English and you can set up prearranged transportation. Julio Taxi +(53) 373 1438 / (0) 5 373 1438.

Where is my WI-FI? Internet at the time that I went was not easily accessible. Not sure if much has changed but you have a few options. You can purchase WI FI cards and utilize the cards in public parks or hotels. If you are staying at a hotel, they may have it free for guest or you can pay the hotel if you are not staying to utilize their WI FI. I personally liked the feeling of being off the grid while in Cuba so not having access to the internet wasn’t a big deal for me. One thing that I noticed was the first time we went to Cuba you were able to sit in the hotels and utilize there WI FI once the influx of Americans started visiting Cuba, they became hip and started to charge non-guest to sit in the hotel and use the WI FI.

Airbnb/Casa vs. Hotels

The first time I traveled to Cuba, we went to Havana and Vinales. We stayed in a Casa book via Homestay and Airbnb in both cities. I had a great experience staying at both Casas. I loved my Casa so much in Havana the first time, that when I went back a second time, I stayed with her again. In Havana I stayed at Casa Nini and at the time, a one-night stay was $30.00 USD. For an additional $5.00 she made breakfast which was delicious. You can book her Casa via Airbnb. I’m not a fan of the hotels in Cuba due to the fact that they are expensive and I enjoyed staying somewhere where the host was able to guide me because traveling in Cuba is so different than any other country.

Do I need a converter in Cuba? The answer is no. I didn’t know what to expect the first time I visited Cuba when it came to plugging in my phone and other electronic devices so I did bring a converter with me the first time. But you will not need a converter as Cuba outlets are comparable to US devices including hair curlers, flat irons, portable clothing irons and blow dryers.
Let’s Explore! So, you’re in Cuba now and ready to get out and see what Cuba has to offer. I recommend walking around the first day to get familiar with the area and check out the local restaurants and attractions in the area. The Airbnb that we stayed in was very convenient to El Capitolio which is a National Capital building in Cuba. This area is bursting with locals and this is where you can find quite a few restaurants, hotels, clubs and retail shops. Another place to visit Old Havana. I recommend paying a driver who has a convertible if you don’t already have a driver and taking a tour around Cuba. This will cost you around 50 CUC’s.

Now Let’s Eat!

While the food is not that great in Cuba. I did find a few places that exceeded by expectations.
Here are a few recommendations for restaurants.
• Paladar La Guarida
• Hotel AM OS MUN OS. The hotel has a roof top restaurant with spectacular views.
• Restaurante Paladar Genesis. This is a very inexpensive restaurant and the lobster is phenomenal.
• Caf? O’Reilly
• Me Gusta

Time to hit the beach! There is a cool beach located in Playa Santa Maria which is about 25 minutes away from Havana. We decided to take the bus which was only 10 CUC’s round trip. The bus stop is located near the El Capitolio. There are cute restaurants where you can grab drinks and food on the beach and near the beach.

Let’s Salsa! We found some great places with live bands and salsa music. Casa de la Musica de Miramar was a pretty cool spot to eat and have a drink and the band was amazing. Sala de Fiesta Macumba Habana located in Cubanacian is Macumba is one of the largest venues with live salsa music.

Other places to visit. I also recommend taking a trip to the Malecon water front. It is rich in history and it is there you will find the Mercado de Artesania. This is a large market where you can find souvenirs from various merchants, as well as artist who sell paintings. One of my biggest tips is to beware of buying fake Cuban cigars. My friend found out the hard way as she purchased fake cigars and was told by the seller that they were Cohiba. You can check by looking up the serial number or if they have holograms, they are most likely fake and you will be out of money. Another cool place to go is the Callejon de Hamel which is a colorful display of street art and sculptures. Callejon de Hamel is a narrow alley in Havana that is described as Afro-Cuban style art.

Other Cities to Visit While in Cuba

I recommend planning at least five to eight days as there is so much to see in Cuba. My second visit to Cuba was a lot shorter than my first trip as we only stayed for five days. We stayed in Havana for three days and spent one full day in Varadero. By far Varadero is the most beautiful beach besides Turks and Caicos that I have ever seen. It takes about two hours to get to Varadero from Havana. We paid 150 CUC’s to a driver we met near El Capitolio. We actually did stay in an all-inclusive hotel called the Melia which I booked online but it was less than impressive but was convenient to the beach. During the day we enjoyed the warm ocean water and laid out in the sun. During the evening we found ourselves at a local restaurant bar called Calle 62. The music was good and the people were friendly. It was like a block party outside. But be sure to get there early if you want a place to sit and enjoy the live performances.

After our fun filled day in Varadero we headed back the next day to Havana to catch our flight back to the states. Make sure you leave in plenty of time as it can take a little longer to travel from city to city as the cars do not travel at high speed rates and in our case, we were pulled over by the Cuban police for over 30 minutes as the driver did not have the proper operating license.

Cuba should definitely be on a traveler’s list of places to visit as it is filled with rich history and culture as well as friendly people. You will never visit a place like this! I hope that Cuba is able to keep its authenticity as more Americans start traveling to this once mysterious place. I highly recommend doing some additional research before visiting.

December 5, 2021

We Be Swinging

So, I’m sure you have seen people with photos on these giant swings or in the bird’s nest on Instagram and thought to yourself wow that looks cool. Well it is pretty cool! Bali Swing located in Ubud Bali is a major tourist attraction.

The price is $35.00 USD per person and includes lunch. There are over ten swings and nest and you can take photos on each one. I personally grew tired after the fourth swing.

They also take photos which I do recommend because they come out a lot clearer that your iPhone photos but if you have a good camera, they do allow you to bring them in.

December 5, 2021

So, you want to go to Barcelona?

I have to admit when planning my trip to Barcelona and Ibiza I was more excited about Ibiza than I was Barcelona. Well let’s just say that Barcelona by far exceeded my expectations.


Planning the trip to Barcelona was quite easy. I booked through Norwegian Airlines. The round-trip ticket was around $500.00 flying out of Fort Lauderdale. But because I live in Atlanta, I had to book a flight from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale which was around $120.00 each way. I planned the vacation for August because I had some time off from work but looking back, I wish I had gone in September as both flights and hotels were a lot less expensive. I booked my room at the Four Points Sheraton. While this hotel was pretty nice and not in a bad location, I wish I would have booked the W Barcelona as it was closer to night life and directly on the beach. The hotel itself has two large pools and a DJ on the weekends.

I only stayed in Barcelona for two days but while there I enjoyed the many sites around the city and the food. The first area that I had to check out was Carrer de Salva. Which is known as the tapas street of Barcelona. There are so many bars and restaurants located in this area. The food and drinks are cheap and delicious. This area is a foodie’s dream.

The following day I set out to visit Sagranda Familia which is a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, designed by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. The church has been under construction since 1882 and is still undergoing construction.

Once I was done admiring the Sagranda Familia, I headed over to El Raval known for coffee and three course lunches. It is a vibrant area that has tons of shops, street art and of course wine and tapas restaurants. Once again you can find pretty inexperience places to dine in this area. Cabs started to get expensive and we still had a few places to go explore so we decided to rent electric bicycles from Wee Wheels located on Carrer d’en Gignas street. The owner was extremely friendly and they not only rent bicycles but also scooters. We only paid 25 euros for two bikes for three hours. Once the bikes were rented, we were off to explore more of the city when we stumbled upon Barcelona Gothic Quarters. This area is the oldest residential district and is a maze of narrow streets. We cycled pass the Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia which is a chapel from the 16th century and snapped a few photos.

After all the touring we headed over to the W Barcelona as I wanted to check out the hotel being employed by the brand. They allowed us to hang at the pool even though I was not a guest because I work for the company but we were not allowed to swim in the pool so we decided to go lay out on the beach for a bit.

Because of the limited amount of time, we left the beach within an hour to head to Bunquers del Caremel to watch the sunset. This place boost panoramic views of Barcelona. This was the most breathtaking view I have ever seen.

On a mission to check off all of the things on my to do list in Barcelona once the sunset, we headed back to the hotel to shower and change. We decided to go to the Ice Bar Barcelona. Literally the coolest bar in town. The Ice Bar Barcelona is between -5 and -10 degrees celsius. The entrance fee is 17 euros and this includes one specialty drink. You can read more about my experience at Ice Bar Barcelona in the cocktail and experiences section of my blog.

After a long day and night, we headed back to the hotel to get some shut eye. The next day we were scheduled to leave so I wanted to make sure I was able to visit the Parc Guell which is located in the upper part of Barcelona and also has great views of the city. The buildings are fascinating and are made of stone structures and tilling.

The last thing on my to do list before heading to the airport was to dine a at highly recommend restaurant. The restaurant that was recommend was actually closed due to the owners being on vacation so we stumbled upon La Tagliatella. This was by far the best Italian food and everything was homemade and made in house. The service was great and the menu prices were also good. I have never tasted Italian food this good so I will have to make sure I go back the next time I return to Barcelona.

I recommend having an agenda all of the places you want to visit as Barcelona as it is a pretty large city. At one point we tried to rent scooters and were told we needed an International driver’s license. I’m not sure if this is true or not but it’s worth looking into before you travel to Barcelona as having a form of transportation is not a bad idea. The bus and train system in Barcelona are also pretty good but we had a hard time understanding the routes but there were so many visitors that were using the transit system that swore by it. Safe travels.

December 4, 2021

Patong, Phuket

Patong beach in Phuket was fun times. This is definitely a party town. There are so many bars and clubs located on the beach and on Bangla Road which is a popular street with tons of nightclubs, go go bars and restaurants. As you walk down the street the music is pumping and people having a good time. I myself I’m not a clubber or bar person but I did check out the night life while I was in Patong during the day and at night. One of the clubs that we ducked off in was called Seth Gueko located on Bangla Road, had a great vibe when it came to the other clubbers and the music. The bar played hip hop music which is hard to find because most clubs and bars play house/techno. The waitresses were not very nice and that made me want to leave. If you are looking for a large night club, look no further than club Illuzion. They regularly have celebrity guest DJ’s.

If you are looking for a day beach club to lounge out by the pool; you might want to check out Kuda Beach Club. I use the words might because it was very chill. I’m use to day parties being a little livelier but I think it’s worth checking out. If you get there and it’s not your scene, you can walk right onto the beach and lay out. The chairs on the beach are $3.00 USD and you can purchase drinks from the bar at Kuda and take them on the beach.

Patong was also the first time I got a fish pedicure and this was by far the cheapest pedicure I have ever had. You can read more about my fish pedicure experience under cocktail and experiences. 
The food in Patong can get expensive so be prepared to spend a little extra on dinner. If you crave and love sea food such as lobster and fish, the Banvaan Fresh Market is the place you should stop by to get some fresh seafood.
Make sure you stay close to the beach and Bangla Road as cabs can also get expensive and add up very quickly. We stayed at The Baycliff Patong and while it was a specious two bed room reasonably priced; it lacks amenities and the location was not convenient to the beach or main attractions.

While in Patong, Phuket you have to do an island tour excursion. While there we visited, James Bond Islands, Phi Phi Island and Khai Islands via speed boat. The company is called See Sea Blue. This included lunch and soft drinks on the boat. My overall favorite part of the excursion was getting out in the ocean and snorkeling. This will cost you around $125.00 USD. I personally was not a fan of the group tour as it was a lot of people on the boat and the islands were very crowded. I recommend renting your own boat and exploring not only the popular touristy islands such as James Bond Island and Phi Phi Island but also Bambo Island. Bambo island is a less tourist visit island and will make for great photos.

I was only in Patong for three days so I didn’t have a lot of time to do all the things on my list such as the tiger experience but I was able to ride an elephant at an elephant sanctuary which was pretty cool. You can read more about my elephant experience in Patong under cocktail and experiences.

So, get your sun block ready. Patong, Phuket is waiting for you.

December 3, 2021

My Ghana Experience

Traveling to Ghana took more preparation than any other trip that I have gone on. There was the visit to the travel healthcare center to get the required Yellow Fever shot, and all the time I put into trying to obtain my visa to enter the country. Make sure that you make an appointment to get the Yellow Fever shot several weeks in advance because there is currently a vaccine shortage. Once you get the shot, they will give you a Yellow Fever card for your records. The shot lasts a lifetime, and you must travel with the card to enter the country. Also, it is recommended that you take Malaria pills when traveling to Ghana. You can obtain the Malaria Pills when you go in to get the Yellow Fever shot. There are a few options when it comes to how often you are required to take the pills. Depending on your tolerance, you may want to opt to take medicine once a week for several weeks rather than once a day.

Applying for the visa was another challenge. It took me a little over a month to get the visa. I recommend using an agency to help expedite the process. You can find an agency online as there are several of them. If you do decide to apply on your own, I highly advise against sending your application to the Embassy of Ghana in DC. I had to reapply for a visa after the DC office failed to mail me back my visa and passport. I ended up re-sending in my application to the New York Consulate of Ghana.

Once you arrive at the airport in Accra, make sure you access plenty of Cedi, which is the currency in Ghana. There are plenty of cabs waiting outside, and you should always negotiate the price before accepting a ride. The taxi that I took to my hotel had a price list on hand.

So, what is there to do in Ghana?

I wanted to make sure that I got the chance to experience the local cuisines. Here are my top three restaurants.

The Buka Restaurant: The food at Buka is amazing, and if you are looking for authentic Ghanaian food, then you want to try this place. It is centrally located and has both outdoor and outside seating. They do get very packed, so make sure you go early enough to secure a seat.

Santoku: This restaurant is exquisite. They have a patio that is perfect for cocktails and the best Japanese tasting food that I have had.

Republic Bar & Grill: By far, my favorite restaurant was the Republic Bar & Grill. They have incredible hand-crafted drinks and great Ghanaian food. I recommend going in the evening when they have either a live band or DJ. The restaurant has a great crowd of people, and the prices are very inexpensive.

When you visit Ghana, I recommend visiting as many beaches as possible. Labadi Beach is a popular beach and is located next to the SandBox Beach Club. You have to pay an entrance fee to access the beach from the Labadi Beach Hotel. But they give you a towel and a lounge chair. They also have servers on the beach who serve cocktails. Another fun activity that you can do on this beach is horseback riding. There is no fee, but the handlers appreciate tips. The other beach that I recommend checking out is Anomabo beach. This beach is located 45 minutes away from Accra. Enjoy a drink on the beach and the tides as they come in. If you are looking for a good turn up, then you also want to check out Kokrobite beach. Located an hour away from Accra, Kokrobite is a small beach town. There is a fabulous bar and restaurant called Bah’doosh that draws a pretty nice crowd. There are also plenty of beach activities such as jet skiing and parasailing.

Main Attractions:

One of the most popular main attractions in Accra, Ghana, is the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, which is 10 Cedis to enter, and if you walk ten minutes down the street, you can stop and take photos of the Independence Arch. I also highly recommend going to a Market in Ghana. You will find some exceptional travel items to gift to friends and family and keep as personal momentous.


Take a dip: 

Boti Falls is a two-hour drive from Accra without traffic. This is a must-do while in Accra. Boti Falls consists of two waterfalls, one is referenced as a male waterfall, and the other waterfall is referenced by the locals as a female. Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit to cool off in the water and make sure you leave early to beat the crowd and get the ultimate bad ass photo in front of the waterfall. Two other attractions located near the falls are umbrella rock and the three head palm tree, which is about a thirty-minute to one-hour hike through the forest from the falls depending on how much stamina you have. Bring at least three large water bottles and comfortable walking shoes as well as plenty of insect repellent. I also recommend wearing long sleeve pants as another barrier to keep the insects away. The hike boosts insane views of the forest, and at the end of the walk, you will come across a village called Asiafo Amanfro where the three trunk palm tree is located.

Take a hike: 

Kakum National Park, which is one stop on your way to the Cape Coast. The Canopy Walkway is suspended 98 feet above the ground, and the views of the forest are amazing.

Take a history lesson: 

A trip to Ghana would not be complete without visiting the Cape Coast. The Cape Coast was a slave castle and commercial fort that is on the Gold Coast of West Africa. The European traders, initially the Portuguese, establish it as a trading post in 1555. It would later be used in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Known as the ‘gate of no return,” the Cape Coast Castle was the last stop before the slaves were bought across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Cape Coast is four hours away from Ghana. I was able to join a tour group at the last minute, but you can travel via private car or a passenger bus if you have a large group. However, you decide to journey there, I would suggest setting up the tour in advance and leaving early in the morning to beat the crowd. I highly recommend touring the Cape Coast to hear about the history and the inhuman ways the African slaves were treated.

Accra, Ghana is a country like no other. Great food, nightlife, and plenty of activities to do during the day. The country is so rich in culture and welcoming to visitors. If you consider yourself a travel enthusiast, then Accra needs to be on the top of your travel plans.

December 2, 2021

Misadventures in Ibiza

My trip to Ibiza was interesting. My first mistake was the location of the hotel which was in Portinatx. While the entire island of Ibiza is beautiful, if you are looking to stay near all the action Portinatx is not the best location. It is about 45 minutes from the airport and Sant Antoni which is where most of the bars, clubs and day parties take place. And while the weather was pretty nice in August it did rain quite a bit while I was there which interfered with the planned water activities. I also recommend renting a car while in Ibiza ahead of time especially if you can only drive an automatic because the automatic vehicles were pretty much all rented.

I personally have always been a fan of all-inclusive hotels until I stayed at the one in Ibiza. The food was subpar, drinks were not that great and amenities were less than impressive. We wasted a lot of money due to staying at an all-inclusive because we spent so much time eating and drinking out.

Make sure you reserve all of your water activities when you get to Ibiza, there are several places to sign up for boat activities weather at the beach or at your hotel. We reserved a boat excursion online through which was a big mistake. We tried calling several times to cancel our excursion due to the heavy rain and was told that we had to wait to see if we would be refunded. We had a very hard time connecting to the actual company as is a third party and were not notified until one hour before the scheduled trip that it was canceled due to the weather. We also had to wait several days before our money was refunded.

If you plan to attend day parties I highly recommend booking in advance. While the day parties are fun, they get very crowed and the drinks can get expensive. Book a cabana or table to save some money and avoid the long bar lines. I also recommend going to Ibiza with a group of friends to split the cost as you will spend most of your money on drinks and clubbing if that is your thing.

December 1, 2021

Five Fun and Fantastic Things to do in Abu Dhabi

Desert Adventure
The desert adventure was one of the first excursions I did while in Abu Dhabi. The desert tour included dune bashing, visiting a camel farm, a quick five-minute ride on a camel, and sandboarding.

I decided to go during the morning time slot, which in hindsight, I should have signed up for the evening desert adventure. I also highly recommend that you go in the evening to see the amazing desert sunset. While it was a great experience, I would have loved to ride the camel longer. I also would have loved to have ridden quad bikes in the desert as I am a thrill seeker.

My recommendation is to book a desert tour where you can ride the camels through the desert for thirty minutes to an hour and go in the evening to see the sunset and enjoy some delicious BBQ and shisha. You should book the quad bike adventure on a separate afternoon. These activities can be pre-booked online, or you can use the assistance from someone at your hotel.

Rent a private yacht and turn up with friends

This was the highlight of my trip! I enjoyed cruising along the Persian Gulf, sipping champagne, and enjoying some delicious Jamaican cuisine. We spent close to six hours on the water. I was also mesmerized by the sunset. There are several companies you can rent from. One of which is called Exclusive Yachts.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

One of the most aesthetically beautiful buildings and architectures I have ever stepped foot in, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, will leave you breathless. Make sure that you get a ticket before arriving. I was able to get my ticket from the hotel. There is no cost to visit. I went during sunset so that I could capture the lighting in my photos but to beat the crowds you may want to consider going in the morning. They do have a strict dress code, and a women’s hair must be covered. Men also must adhere to their dress code. They will give you Shayla before entering the Mosque. If you are into photography, I would suggest buying your own as the Shayla’s that they give you are very plain and do not photograph well. I also recommend visiting their website before going.

Yas Marina Circuit

Although I’m not a racing fan. I enjoyed attending some of the Formula One events while I was in Abu Dhabi. All the activities are held on Yas Marina Circuit. But if you happen to go during any other time, Yas Marina Circuit is still a cool place to visit. You can tour the North Grandstand and see the entire circuit and Ferrari World. You can also drive a Supercar yourself on the track.

Abu Dhabi Night Life and Day Parties

The nightlife in Abu Dhabi is incredible, and if you want to get an early start, be sure to check out one of the day parties. My favorite day party was the Yas Beach Pool Party at Yas Beach.

The Yas Beach day party is on Friday’s and features a guest DJ. You can purchase a weekday pass or a weekend pass that includes a beach towel and lounge chair.

By night make your way to Annex Club at the Edition hotel. This was one of my favorite lounges/clubs because of the music and club décor. If you are looking for a large club atmosphere than club MAD is the hot spot that you want to go to. They regularly have live performances and is known as one of the best clubs in Abu Dhabi.


November 30, 2021

Fish Pedicure!

I have always wanted to get a fish pedicure. So, while walking around Patong, we noticed tons of massage places and spa’s and I had to stop and get one for the experience. For 100 baht you can get a fish pedicure that last about 10 minutes. Personally, it tickled and I slightly cringed at the thought of fish actually nibbling on my feet. But this was a very cool experience.

November 29, 2021


Bangkok is a very unique city. We were only there for a day and a half so we didn’t get to do a few things such as the floating markets, China town and most of the temples. But we did cramp in quite a few things and had fun while doing it.

When we arrived in Bangkok it was 12:00am so we headed straight to the hotel to check in. We stayed at the ALoft which was pretty central to most of the activities that we had planned. We got a good night sleep and woke up bright and early the next day to start our adventure. Cabs are plentiful in Bangkok but my only regret is that I wished we hired a driver the first day as you can be easily stirred off course by cab drivers who will tell you that it is a national holiday and the temples are closed so that you can partake in their friends or relatives’ tours. Unfortunately, we were suckered into a river boat tour on our way to see one of the temples as we were told the temple did not open until 1pm. And when we finally did get to the temple, it was sold out. Once I came home, I read about how often this happens, so my tip for anyone traveling to Bangkok is to either hire a driver for at least one day or research the temples visit and activities you want to do to make sure they are open and it is not a national holiday in the country. Stick with your plans and do not let anyone through you off course as you will waste time and money.

We were able to visit the Wat Pho in Bangkok – Temple of Reclining Buddha. It is the largest temple in the city and measures 46 meters long and is covered in gold. The entrance fee is 100 baht and this includes a bottle of water. Make sure you have something to cover your arms and wear shorts or shirts that come below your knees. While you can wear shoes that show your feet at this temple there are several temples that requires you to cover your ankles or take your shoes off. I carried a back pack with a change of clothes as it was extremely hot in Bangkok. The temple is also located near other temples so if you leave early enough you can visit multiple temples in just a few hours.

The next place on our agenda was the Sofitel hotel. We wanted to go to a fabulous roof top pool and I read prior to visiting that this was one of the best roof top pools in Bangkok. There is an entrance fee of $30 USD if you are not a guest of the hotel and this includes full access to the spa. The drinks and food are expensive but it’s worth the price because of the fabulous view. Unfortunately, we did not get to experience the Sofitel on the last Saturday of the month which is when they have a DJ.

After socking up the sun at the Sofitel we headed back to the hotel to change and headed out to dinner and to the roof top bar, Sky Bar which was featured in the movie Hungover 2. The Sky Bar is a must if you visit Bangkok. It has one of the best views in the city and I highly recommend catching the sunset there. We didn’t stay long due to the price of the drinks and the wait staff being pushy about buying drinks. I did try the Red Velvet Martini which was honestly one of the best drinks I have ever tasted.

Once we left Sky Bar, we were off for some entertainment. We were told to go to a Pong Tong show. This as a very interesting experience if you are open minded. We paid 700 baht to get in. Please make sure if you go to a Pong Tong show to never take your phone out and be open minded as this is not a place for someone who is easily offended.

The last place we went to was a night club called Levels. The entry fee was 300 baht and included a free glass of wine or beer of choice. This club played house music which I’m not a fan of but it was located in our hotel and I wanted to experience the night life in Bangkok. I was not impressed but I do recommend getting a table at any club in Bangkok to avoid being uncomfortable.

Overall Bangkok was fun and the people there were pretty nice. I do recommend visiting for at least two to three full days because there are so many things to do there that we did not get a chance to do because we were only there for one full day. The top two things I would have liked to experience was fine dining in Bangkok and trying some insects as this is a popular thing to do in Bangkok.

November 29, 2021

Travel Essentials You Need For Ghana

Sunblock. Ghana is very close to the equator and temperatures can get uncomfortably hot for people who are not used to dry heat or humid hot weather. The best time to visit Ghana is during dry season which is October to April as during these months, temperatures remain high, and humidity and precipitation are generally at its lowest during these months. But whenever you decide to go it’s important to remember to bring sunblock as you can find yourself with some nasty sun burn.

Mosquito repellent. The mosquitos can be brutal in Ghana and I no first hand. Not only should you bring sun block, but you should also invest in a good insect repellent. While the Off brand is good, I personally prefer Coleman 100 Max 100% DEET Insect Repellent Pump for Ticks and Mosquitos. You can purchase it off Amazon. And while getting bit may not seem like a big deal it is essential that when you visit Ghana to take the proper precautions against mosquitoes to prevent serious diseases like malaria and yellow fever.

A handheld fan. With temperatures rising as high as 90 degrees topped with 90 percent plus humidity, you want to definitely have a handheld fan on hand to keep you cool during those tours and walks through markets.

Sunglasses. I was struck by the amount of dust that constantly flew in my eyes. And unfortunately, I left my hotel room a few times without my sunglasses. While it’s important to wear them to protect your eyes from the sun, Ghana also has a lot of unpaved roads, so dust was constantly blowing with the light winds or passing cars.

Mosquito net. While I stayed in a nice hotel. They still had a mosquito problem unfortunately, and I had to have the hotel come spray the room several times. I didn’t think to bring a mosquito net on my trip so each night I slept with the air on extremely high and the bed covers over my head to avoid bites.

Adapter. Ghana uses the three-pronged, UK style outlets, so make sure you bring an adapter.

Advil/aspirin and stomach reliever meds. These are important as it is very hard to find familiar brands in Ghana.

Good walking shoes. With the many unpaved dusty roads and amount of sightseeing you will be doing; it is essential that you bring a pair of good walking shoes to stay comfortable.

Lastly, a good attitude and open mind. Traveling is exciting and rewarding and each country has its own unique flair. One of the greatest lessons that I have had to learn not only when traveling but living abroad is everything will not be perfect, and you must except things that you have no control over. Ghana is a very hospitable place and the people that I met there were always willing to help. Take the time to speak, greet and engage with the locals.